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Are virtual events here to stay?

The last two years have seen a growing appetite for virtual events when meeting in person was unfortunately impossible. Thus, thanks to the appearance or development of numerous virtual platforms, event planners and managers concerned have had to deal with a new reality.

It was certainly difficult to navigate in the face of a fairly large offer, because many solutions appeared, each as good as the next, but the best virtual solutions quickly took their place.

Thus, an audiovisual service provider, a 100% Quebec company, Productions Expert'ease, has developed a virtual solution reproducing the conference experience, with virtual tables, conferences, networking, exhibitors' lounge and more. is therefore one of the solutions that stands out, offering impressive quality, with a lot of flexibility and possibilities.

With already more than 300 events to its credit over a period of 18 months, the specialists at DNL Événements therefore consider that this solution offers the best on the market, which is why we offer as a solution for all our events, whether 100% virtual or even hybrid mode. And we sincerely believe that this way of doing things is here to stay!

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