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DNL Événements et Logistique offers you complete or “à la carte” services for your next event. Whether your event is small or large, we are committed to making it memorable.
Hotel Entrance

Site selection

Finding the perfect venue and site for your event is a very important and critical step to your program’s overall success.  DNL Events & Logistics will work with you to identify the venue that will best meet your needs.

Strategy and innovative concepts

Depending on your needs and what you are looking for, DNL can offer you different sites for the presentation of your next event, including some of the most beautiful historic mansions in Quebec.


Transportation management

It is with professionalism and attention to detail that we develop the transportation plans required for the entire duration of your event, from the very beginning to the very end.

Press Conference Microphones

Food and Beverage

With extensive experience in the field of banquets as well as in the choice of food and drink, our team is able to guarantee you a remarkable gastronomic experience.

Musical services and entertainment

Let yourself be surprised by the assortment of musical choices of our sound and image professionals, as well as by the variety, type and quality of our animators

Audio-visual services 

DNL experts will be able to share with you their expertise in the field of audio-visual and decor, while ensuring personalized service and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our expertise is perfect for the following type of events:

Sales meetings
General Assembly

DNL experts will do everything possible to ensure that your sales meeting or general meeting runs smoothly from start to finish, always taking into account your needs, ideas and objectives.

Product launches

We will be able to create a tailor-made atmosphere inspired by new trends and a unique theme for your launch. We will take care of the preparation and all the logistics so that your launch is successful!

Gala Evenings

Creativity, attention to detail & passion for the industry has made DNL Events and Logistics a leader in planning your Gala Evenings.  Our creative thinking will ensure your evening is a spectacular event.

Official opening

The perfect opportunity to make your new establishment well known, your official opening must be done in a professional and relaxed manner, both for you and for your guests; DNL experts will take care of this!

Sports tournaments

At all levels, it is suggested to entrust your sporting events to DNL specialists. We have great expertise for all types of tournaments, hockey, soccer, golf or any other sporting event, whether friendly or even a bit competitive.

Benefit Events

Once again, DNL experts will take care of all stages of organizing your benefit event, leaving you to take care of what matters to you, namely the happiness of your guests, as well as the achievement of your objectives.

And we offer special services for:

Event planners

Do you need help for a day or two? Do you need assistance before or during your event? Do you simply lack the resources to deliver adequately? Well, our team members will be happy to assist you. For more information


Rather deprived following the two years of pandemic, some hoteliers are turning externally to provide certain services. So, whatever your needs, due to lack of time, resources or expertise, make sure you offer up-to-date event services by using the DNL service.

For more information

Important note: DNL offers you eco-responsible events, respecting the health measures in force and ensuring the safety of all employees and participants.


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