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Message to Quebec hoteliers

The pandemic seems less worrying for our governments who have made the decision to ease health measures, which is excellent news for all those who work directly or indirectly in the hotel, tourism and tourism industries. of events.

But, for many of you, the revival of business is combined with another problem, that of a labor shortage. So, while you are feeling the effects of this labor shortage in Quebec, DNL Événements et Logistique offers you assistance according to your needs, while we can help you permanently or sporadically.

Therefore, you can call on DNL specialists to assist you in one or more of the following tasks for your clients:

  • Planning

  • Transportation management

  • Schedule management

  • Managing participant lists

  • Process

  • Technical support

  • Music, sets and animation

  • Networking Activities

  • Staffing requirements

  • Safety and health measures

  • Hybrid events

Indeed, the resumption of events is evident and people have more than ever the desire to meet and continue where they left off two years ago. So don't miss the opportunity to relaunch this aspect of your business, with the help of DNL Événements et Logistique.

For further information contact

Daniel Fortin


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